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Samsung and TRIAX solution keeps patients entertained and connected

Give patients the entertainment they demand with the new TRIAX EoC MediaConverter. Hospitals and patients benefit from IPTV and WiFi, with no new cables needed.

  • Quick, disruption-free, low-cost installation
  • IPTV & WiFi over coax cables already in place
  • No disturbance to hospital staff or patients
  • Does not interfere with critical hospital networks
  • Outstanding patient satisfaction

Upgrade at Spanish hospitals

Beyond outstanding healthcare, premium entertainment and WiFi connectivity are essential components of a private hospital’s offer to patients and guests.

To provide this, legacy technology often needs to be replaced, but without impacting the day-to-day operation of the hospital or its critical services.

Javier Alonso of Diconplaweb S.L. worked with Samsung Display Solutions and TRIAX Spain to carry out major refurbishments of the patient entertainment systems – without drills, hammers or any wards out of service.


Complete IPTV and WiFi system

Smart Hospitality Displays from Samsung Display Solutions provide rich interactive entertainment, also functioning as a private Access Point for patient and guest WiFi access.

They connect to a gigabit IP network provided by TRIAX EoC (Ethernet over Coax). 

A TRIAX EoC Controller sends outstanding, reliable connectivity around the hospitals’ existing coax cable network.

A TRIAX EoC MediaConverter is discreetly installed on the back of each Samsung Hospitality TV. It takes the IP signals in via coax, and provides the necessary LAN connection to the TV.

All three hospitals have been delighted with the high speed and low costs of the unobtrusive installation, which has been achieved without having to close any rooms or wards.

The hospitals can then monetise value-added IPTV and WiFi services by offering access on demand. 

Combined, the technology provides all a system integrator needs to offer outstanding entertainment and reliable connectivity to the health care sector.

The TRIAX solution enables Samsung Smart Hospitality TVs to deliver interactivity and smart functions directly to patients, without the necessity of rewiring buildings and switching rooms off for refurbishment. That’s especially needed now during the COVID-19 pandemic, when all available beds are so valuable.

Piotr Lipiec
EU BDM Samsung HTV

Open up a huge range of connected services that add value for patients and guests

Examples include Video on Demand, patient Wi-Fi or informational promotional channels

High bandwidth, low latency and the most reliable IP over coax performance

Fastest network in its class, for reliable OTT streaming

The use of existing coaxial cables for the implementation of the system is a great advantage. Execution times and costs are considerably reduced.

Javier Alonso
Managing Director, Diconplaweb S.L. (Installer)

Let us show you all the features and possibilities

Let us show you the power of Samsung's Smart Hospitality Displays powered by TRIAX EoC.

Book a demo and we will take you through a free-of-charge tour of the possibilities with this setup.

The demo will consist of:

  • How to get gigabit speeds with no new cables
  • Presentation of the solution - TRIAX Ethernet over Coax
  • Insights into the specific cases at three hospitals