Download TRIAX Network Analyser

Free software for successful EoC projects and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Optimal IP over coax: increase project success and customer satisfaction
  • Perform detailed pre-qualification and documentation of the coax network
  • No more surprises: address potential disturbances, identify need for filters before installation
  • Free software from TRIAX
  • TRIAX EoC: professional gigaspeed IP services over coax

TRIAX Network Analyser is compatible with Windows 7 and above.

1 Close proximity but no electrical connection
2 Connect to next outlet
3 Survey Report comment

New version of TRIAX Network Analyser software

The TRIAX Network Analyser software has been updated with more features and functionalities. It is available as a complimentary download. Fill out the form to the right, and receive the software within a few minutes.

Features in the new software:

  • Bi-directional measurements – required to carry out readings at the endpoint locations with the TNA toolkit.
  • Quick report generation with easy naming (location/room number) of all readings.
  • Measure cable length – important for planning the installation layout, since avoiding cable lengths over 1 km is necessary when working with technology.